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    Natural Radiance Starter Kit Gift w/Purchase


    Five products fueled with active blends of pigment fighting ingredients.  Added in this kit are excellent brightening products to gently evens out skin tones. With regular use and with compliant use of sunscreen, visible reduction of dark spots, and discolorations will be seen.


    What you will love about this skincare regimen:

    • Restorative Cleansing Gel – A cleanser with essential oils and plant extracts promotes hydration, pulls oxygen, and nutrients into the tissues.  This deep daily cleanser lifts dirt and impurities from skin pores while delivering the regenerative benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil.  Rich in Vitamin A and C, Rose Hip Seed Oil smooths skin texture with daily use.
    • Sheer Moisturizer w/Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 25 – This toner protects the skin from the ravages of the environment.  It repairs and regenerates new skin cells.  It allows the skin to retain moisture in the lower layers of the skin. 
    • Spot Fading Serum – Hydroquinone-free, this spot fading serum has a compound of twelve plant-derived brightening ingredients from plant extracts to promote a more uniform complexion.
    • Ceramide Hydrating Cream – A decadent combination of nourishing, moisturizing ingredients for a healthy, robust skin’s protective layer.  Restore hydration, for a soft, supple glow with consistent use of the Ceramide Hydrating Cream. 
    • Anti-Ox Sun Gel SPF 15 – Block UV damage, even skin tones, and deeply hydrate parched skin in one quick step with this fantastic antioxidant-rich SPF.


    What skin condition is it good for?

    • Hyperpigmentation – dark spots, dark patches, discolorations, and uneven skin tones
    • Maintenance regimen to continue to use after fading of hyperpigmentation


    How To Use:

    Step 1 –  Apply cleansing gel to the face, neck, and decollete.  Massage product in a circular motion. Double cleanse the skin to be sure there is removal of any debris or makeup.

    Step 2 – Using a saturated cotton pad with toner, apply in a circular motion. If residual debris or makeup is apparent, repeat this step until the pad is without any debris or makeup.

    Step 3 – Apply serum to the affected areas (dark spots, dark patches, discolorations, or uneven skin tones).

    Step 4 – Apply a small amount of hydrating cream to the face, neck, and decollete.

    Step 5 – Twenty minutes prior to being in the sun, apply sunscreen to the face and other sun-exposed areas.


    Effective Upgrades:


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    A blend of products that fades dark spots and discolorations to reveal a more radiant complexion.  Also formulated to repair dry and flaky skin, therefore bringing it to its optimal health.


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