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    Show Your Glow Luxe Collection


    Show Your Glow Products are formulated with exfoliating and brightening ingredients. The use of these ingredients is to break up pigment seen at the surface of the skin. One must be patient. The process may take 4 to 8 weeks before seeing results depending on the depth of the pigmented lesion .


    In some cases, if the pigment is deeper in the layers of the epidermis, we suggest the purchase of our UltraLightening Serum. This product has, what is considered, the gold standard ingredient, hydroquinone, for lightening darkened areas. Products containing hydroquinone should only be used on the affected areas (dark spots, discolorations, dark patches, uneven tones) in the evenings.


    The 3 Reasons You Will Love Show Your Glow Luxe Collection

    1. Takes the guessing out of what products to use for fading pigmented spots and patches,  
    2. Formulated with bioactive ingredients, this collection works with the skin to bring out its natural healthy glow,
    3. Each product’s ingredient was carefully selected to deliver real results.
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    6 full-sized products

    Restorative Cleansing Gel 4oz
    Anti-Ox Toner 4 oz
    Show Your Glow Beauty Pads – 50 pads
    Brightening Cream 1 oz
    Spot Fading Serum
    Sheer Moisturizer SPF 25
    Hemp Cosmetic Bag


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