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    Bump Be Gone


    Calendula, salicylic acid, and licorice root extract reduce redness and irritation and stop uncomfortable skin in its tracks. These ingredients are great for managing acne breakouts and razor bumps. When applied in the evening on the affected areas, these ingredients remove impurities from the skin and prevents pore-clogging.

    For those who shave, this product also diminishes the discomforts of shaving with a powerful skin-energizing treatment. Bump BeGone Razor Bump Relief has been expertly formulated to help alleviate the negative after-effects of shaving thanks to its powerful calming and soothing benefits. Innovative use of salicylates and an herbal ingredient blend contributes to an exceptional calming response and a delightful restoration of your skin to a smooth surface.

    No matter where ingrown hair occurs, its evolution is identical. A hair follicle anchors every single hair on our body into our skin. Ingrown hairs develop when a hair curls backward into this hair follicle or grows sideways in this follicle, triggering inflammation. To block this hair growth disorder, we can incorporate daily preventive care to keep skin clear. Bump BeGone is your solution to address every trigger factor that leads to follicular congestion.


    The 3 Things You Will Love About Bump BeGone Razor Bump Relief

    1. Cools and soothes irritated skin
    2. Helps reduce inflammation caused by acne breakouts and shaving while relieving these bumps
    3. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin

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