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    Want you to know how impressed I was with you and my results! My complexion has improved enormously and I feel the difference already. The wash you prescribed was great and I'm tossing out my old soap. There is no comparison.

    Lisa Pino

    global skincare


    I was introduced to the Global Skin Solutions Shaving Kit, developed by Pamela Springer. I saw positive results after the first application!! I followed the instructions as detailed by Ms. Springer’s kit. The results were unbelievable!! So good, that I decided to take the conventional route and started using a razor, something that I feared for years!! Today, through the use of the Global Skin Solutions Patented Shaving Kit, I comfortably shave whenever I like, everyday, if needed! I even shave my head! My wife (the girlfriend who used to perform the facial surgery) loves my skin! I am complimented for smooth, clean, even-toned skin. My confidence level is high, when it comes to my skin because I know that it’s clean, bump free and infection free. Thank you, Pamela and Global Skin Solutions. You have helped me preserve “my sexy”!!

    Lonnie Leslie

    global skincare


    As my beard began to grow, I suffered bumps from ingrown hairs. The Razor Bump Kit removed all my bumps. It's a great product for those looking to get rid of bumps from ingrown hairs and/or using a razor. Highly recommend!

    Nyle Fort


    Show Your Glow

    Every skin deserves to be flawless...

    Show Your Glow Products are formulated with exfoliating and brightening ingredients. Use of these ingredients break up pigment seen at the surface of the skin. One must be patient. The process may take 8 to 12 weeks before seeing results. In some cases, if the pigment deeper in the layers of the epidermis, we suggest the use of our UltraLightening Serum. This product has what is considered the gold standard ingredient for lightening darkened areas - hydroquinone. This product should only be used on the affected areas.

    razor bumps & ingrown hair


    For the man in your life...

    The real competitive edge is great skin! Our products for men and women offer high-performance grooming products that will tackle razor bumps, ingrown hairs, breakouts, dark spots, and discoloration. Good grooming results in a smooth, even-toned complexion. Are you are ready to reverse the painful irritation and inflammation caused by pus-filled razor bumps and ingrown hairs? One of the active therapeutic agents in our products is salicylic. Known to reduce inflammation, this ingredient also has antibacterial properties and removes dead cell layers preventing ingrown hair to surface. Using products with salicylic and other bacteria-fighting ingredients, your skin becomes renewed, smooth and resilient.



    Formulated specifically for the concerns of ethnic skin


    Professional Grade

    Recommended by dermatologists across the country



    Addresses common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and acne



    A little bit of product goes a long way, ensuring that your purchase lasts



    Formulated with the lushest ingredient found in nature

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