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    Fruit Acid 15% w/Kojic

    Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $50.00.

    Harness the mighty exfoliating powers of natural plant extracts with this Fruit Acid Exfoliator. This powerful combination of acids facilitates the improvement of dry, dull, weathered skin by removing keratinized cells for a bright, healthy complexion. This invigorating exfoliant offers active ingredients with targeted capabilities of moisturization, barrier function improvement, and texturization. Repair, resurface and restore skin with this one powerful treatment.

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    This powerful combination of acids supports the improvement of dry, dull, ashy skin through the removal of keratinized cells and the lightening of pigment.  Reduction of pigment, improved moisture levels, improved barrier function, and smoothing of skin texture all supported marked skin.

    This exfoliate is a –

    • keratolytic
    • brightener
    • anti-bacterial
    • controls oil
    • refines rough skin


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