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    Have you noticed the signs of when a season is gone and a new one has begun?  Looking out your window you’ll see changes that signals a new season is beginning.  For fall, Mother Nature brings the brilliance of colorful leaves to let you know that summer is over.
    This majestic scenery only lasts for a few weeks before the shedding of leaves begins.
    The falling leaves signal that daylight is becoming shorter, temperatures will be dropping and winter is just around the corner.

    Our skin too is affected by the seasons.
    The summer may have left it dull, blotchy and discolored but in a few weeks, the shorter days and cooler temperature will rob moisture from the skin causing the skin to become dry.

    As skin care professionals this is the perfect time to remove the damage from the summer sun and prepare skin for winter.  Kick your skin care protocols up a few notches with our triple layering protocol – chemical peel, layered with our 100% Hyaluronic Serum or our Brightening C+ Serum and our Brightening Peel with Mandelic, Retinol, Kojic, Arbutin and Mulberry!.  This treatment will not only hydrate but lessen the dullness, blotchiness and discoloration and improves the skin’s radiance.

    Let’s take a look at each product and breakdown the benefits of each:
    Chemical Peels: 
    All peeling agents help to remove dead cell layers.
    Some superficially and others penetrate the entire epidermis.
    It is important to chose a peel that addresses a skin condition.
    Our Peel Kit #2 provides results for many common conditions.  To achieve the best results we recommend product layering.
    The kit includes:

    ♦ Lactic Acid –
    Helps bring hydration to dry, sun damaged skin.
    By adding 100% Hyaluronic Acid, moisture will continue to be attracted to the skin.
    The Brightening Peel will not only brighten the skin but also lighten those pesky freckles and blotchy discolorations.

    ♦ Salicylic Acid –
    Gets control of the acne breakouts that are common during the summer months.
    By adding, the Hyaluronic Acid, the skin will attract moisture helping to slow down the production of oil allowing to get control of the acne.
    The Brightening Peel with the mandelic has antibacterial properties benefiting acne, especially adult acne and oily skins. For any post acne dark spots, the Brightening Peel has skin lighteners addressing any hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tones.

    ♦ Modified Jessner –
    A slightly more aggressive combo peel that has the above ingredients including Citric Acid.
    This therapeutic agent helps to minimize excessive keratinized layers of the stratum corneum.
    By replacing resorcinol with citric acid will greatly reduce the penetration of the peel.
    This peel will remove lipid build up for easy extractions of follicle debris.
    It works best on global skins to avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).
    Layering of the products mentioned previously will give your client great results.

    Let us help you freshen up your clients skin!

    Global Skin Solutions Peel Kit 2

    Buy our Chemical Peel Kit #2 for $75 (reg. $95)  through October, 2016 and we’ll send you trial sizes of –

    ♦ Pre Exfoliation Solution
    ♦ Hyaluronic Acid Serum
    ♦ Brightening C+ Serum
    ♦ Mandelic Brightening Peel

    You will receive downloadable protocols for each peeling agent.

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