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    Ingrown hair is not an issue that affects only the male population. Women can be affected by this condition as well, however, the areas in which ingrown hairs appear are different. 

    First and foremost, ingrown hairs affect women in the areas they usually shave – the armpits, bikini area, and legs. So, if you have ever wondered how to prevent them, here are 5 tips in getting control of this unsightly problem! 

    If you exfoliate your legs weekly you will be removing the dead skin cells that form a layer on the top of your skin, that lead to ingrown hairs. The best products to use for exfoliating legs are: 

    Body Scrubs – Prior to shaving using a body scrub that includes sugar, natural oils, and shea butter. This will leave your legs feeling smooth, hydrated and moisturized.

    Dry Brush, Exfoliating Gloves, Loofah – Prior to shaving, use one of the aforementioned exfoliating products which will encourage ingrown hair to be released from the follicular orifice. It is best to use in a circular motion. They will encourage increased circulation while exfoliating dead, dry cells from your skin. This method will also lighten any dark spots.

    Keep Skin Moisturized
    Maintaining your skin hydrated and moisturized is a very important step in achieving hair that will grow in its regular direction. 

    Body Creams are rich in essential hydration superstars such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, sodium PCA, glycerin, glycerol, and silicones will smooth out those dry areas of the skin. Natural oils of Avocado, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Olive, Borage, Mango Butter, and Sunflower will give you that silky, radiant texture! Avoid fragrant oils which can be a disaster for skin. 

    Replace razor blade regularly
    Don’t shave with a dull blade, be sure to always sharp and clean your razor before and after using it. Replace it after the second or third use. 

    According to Gillette, A dull razor blade can actually cause more nicks, cuts and skin irritation than a new, sharp blade. Dull blades can pull at your body hair and feel rough when gliding across your skin, which can result in more irritation post-shave. If you’ve used your razor blade more than three times, it’s time to replace it. 

    What Shaving Product to Use?
    There are many forms of shaving products – gel, foam, shaving soaps, creams, foams, and gels. Believe it or not, there are differences according to Gillette.

    Shaving Gel – rich lather, enhanced lubricants, and more razor glide.

    Foam – instant light lather which is airy and easy to rinse away.

    Shave Cream – Helps to keep the moisture in the beard hairs while shaving, leaving hairs softer and easier to cut.

    Shaving Soap – For active razor bumps and ingrown hairs, the ingredients charcoal and tea tree are mild antiseptics and topical disinfectants. These ingredients break down rough skin, provide exfoliation preventing pore clogging and reduce inflammation. 

    Shave with the Grain 

    It is important to shave in the direction in which hair grows. This avoids having ingrown hairs. Shaving in the opposite direction causes the regrowth of the hair to curl back into the skin.

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